About us

Decori is part of the CEL Group. We create decorative metal artwork, which is available to you directly through our online shop.

The CEL Group is a collection of long-established businesses that all have the laser-cutting and shaping of metal at their heart.

For over a decade CEL has worked in industrial environments throughout the world, however, over this time we have also developed a reputation for working with leading London architects and interior designers to create bespoke metal pieces to adorn the finest homes and gardens in the UK. We still provide this service today through CEL Sheetmetal.

Interior and exterior design schemes that incorporate industrial metal elements have continued to grow in popularity, however, until the launch of Decori in 2015, availability to the UK was limited.

Through the Decori online shop, you can order customised metal panels that not only work beautifully with your design theme, but that also perform a valuable purpose within your home as screens and partitions to transform an indoor or outdoor space.

Your Decorative metal panel can be hung on the wall creating an interesting and engaging focal point for your wall or indeed room – whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Our panels are also designed to be floor mounted making them a perfect solution to divide rooms, and for creating additional privacy.

Decori, was launched in 2015, to bring decorative metal artwork to home and garden lovers throughout the UK. Visit our online shop.