Love your Garden – Did you see us again?

By Decori on 03 Aug 2016

Love Your Garden

Yet again Decori was asked to create something very unique for the ‘Love Your Garden’ television program. This garden transformation program helped Durham dad Philip Hunter, Philip got in touch with Alan Titchmarsh and his team to build a special garden for him, but sadly passed away before Alan and his colleagues could create a beautiful garden. However! This didn’t stop Alan and his team creating a garden for his family in remembrance of Philip.

The inspiration for the art work was the iconic sculpture by Liverpool artist Andrew Small which dramatically stands on the promenade at Roker beach in Sunderland. The family had spent many happy times on the beach overlooked by the sculpture. This was a great a starting point for the panel shaped sculpture. Philip had a familiar saying “I love you to infinity and beyond” which were used and beautifully scribed in fine silver coloured metal and placed within the circle. Giving the focal point that draws your eyes through to the stunning view beyond the garden.

if you missed the episode you can watch it on catch up: Click here

This isn’t the first time Decori has been featured on prime time TV!

Decori helped with the previous episode with Gurkha Hari Budha Magar and his family have their dream garden. The outdoor space was made more accessible for Henri who lost the use of both his legs in an Afghanistan IED incident. The program showed how Hari had given his time to help others and asked nothing in return. His friends came together and helped improve this humble man’s life, with the knowhow and expertise of Alan and his team.
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